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10 Years Seventies
10 Years Seventies
· 10 years of the Seventies - review and preview

In 2013, mawa developed the briefing for the seventies 70`s tracklight from the Deutsche Oper Berlin project. The result was its predecessor, which is enthroned in the foyer of the Deutsche Oper on a long cantilever arm above the gallery parapet. Based on this, the seventies 70`s series was developed, a true powerhouse that can be used in a variety of ways.

Restrained and timeless, seventies blends into any interior and impresses with its external and internal values. The new generation of our series combines the performance and variety of the previous generations. High-quality surfaces emphasise the demand for formal clarity, which is even reflected on the back of the luminaire. Perfection down to the last detail, from the purist joint to the precise gap dimensions, rounds off the design. The focus is on museum suitability thanks to maximum colour rendering.

In addition to flicker and flicker-free, HD video suitability, Tunable White and various special light colours such as Retail Lighting and Horticulture are also included in the extensive specification options of the 70`s series.

The story does not end here, because the timeless spotlight also absorbs future evolutions.