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on you will find all informations and models of the iconic Bubble Lamps by George Nelson, designed 1947.

Saucer pendant (large)

CHF 899.00

Saucer pendant (medium)

CHF 681.00

Saucer pendant (small)

CHF 582.00

Ball pendant (large)

CHF 899.00

Ball pendant (medium)

CHF 681.00

Ball pendant (small)

CHF 582.00

Cigar pendant (medium)

CHF 681.00

Cigar pendant (small)

CHF 577.00

PEAR pendant (small)

CHF 632.00

SAUCER CrissCross pendant (medium)

CHF 733.00

Ball CrissCross pendant (medium)

CHF 786.00

Cigar Crisscross pendant (medium)

CHF 786.20