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GLASKUGEL LED - made for the 21st century   · This innovative further developed version of the classic glass ball pendulum lamp is also to be understood as an homage to the industrial design of the early 20th century. Only this LED version comes completely without an incandescent lamp, so that an interesting light play in the hollow body arises especially in the clear glass version. With 1300lm the 14W LED replaces the classic 100W incandescent lamp.

GLASKUGEL LED ø300 - black | opal-glas

from CHF 646.20

GLASKUGEL LED ø300 - grey | clear glass

from CHF 646.20

GLASKUGEL LED ø300 - black | clear Glass

from CHF 684.95

GLASKUGEL LED ø300 - white | clear Glass

from CHF 646.20