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Gangkofner Edition
Aloys F. Gangkofner (1920 - 2003) · After World War II, the trained glass cutter worked as a teacher at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, inspiring him to revive old techniques of free blown glass and expand their creative possibilities. The resulting designs were presented at the X. Triennale in Milan and found their way to producers such as Peill & Putzler, Hessenwerke or ERCO. Mawa secured the rights for a re-edition in 2016 and completely redesigned the luminaires from the inside to create a universal structure for all glasses. All glasses correspond to the original designs of Gangkofner. The materials used were partly adapted to the spirit of the times. In addition to black or white structures, there are those in brushed brass or rose gold, for the glasses there is a choice between opal glass, crystal glass, smoked glass and semi-transparent metallized glasses. A selection from the approx. 600 possible combinations is not easy.