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CHROME - modern classic   · Some find it unapproachable, the others love it, chrome is probably the oldest surface refinement in the furniture and lighting design. The chromium bath goes back to a patent from Erik Liebreich in the Berlin of the twenties of the 20th century.
The masters of the Bauhaus were one of the first to recognize the qualities and used it for their designs and have helped to anchor this very resistant form of finishing in industrial production as a standard.

OSKAR - chrome / grey

CHF 209.00

Bulb 8W mirror-head

CHF 33.05

VESUVIO chrome/black

from CHF 457.00

WI 4.0 `Single` round - chrome

CHF 340.00

WARNEMÜNDE 23 - chrome

CHF 210.00

Globe 95 8W mirror-head - Dim 2 Warm

CHF 46.00

WARNEMÜNDE 63 - chrome

CHF 196.55

Globe 125 8W mirror-ring - Dim 2 Warm

CHF 46.00

WI 4.0 `Double` oval - chrome

CHF 642.00

EINTOPF chrome

CHF 78.00

ETNA chrome

CHF 78.00

BERGAMO chrome/black

from CHF 720.00