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Seventies 2024

70`s Seventies - Museum Suitability Tested · The track-mounted spotlight for professional use in a museum context.

SEVENTIES is sice 2014 MAWA`S successful Spotlight series. Formally timeless it convinces with the highest degree of individualisation. Different LED modules are available. In combination with 6 reflectors and finely graduated wattage, this results in a wide range of beam characteristics and performance classes.

While the small LED module se-11-d1 generates a particularly focused beam of down to 11° by means of a spot reflector, the large LED module se-11-d2 is extremely powerful and generates at 37W LED power up to 3700lm. Extensive accessories offer additional possibilities for targeted light modulation, glare control or stepless focusing.

Museum suitability, with regard to excellent colour reproduction and relative light damage potential in relation to preventive conservation, has been tested by an independent research institute.

Glass Removal Tool

CHF 11.90

SEVENTIES conversion filter

CHF 83.25

SEVENTIES Light Shaping Diffusor - 30°

CHF 67.00

SEVENTIES Light Shaping Diffusor - 60°

CHF 67.00

SEVENTIES Sculpture-Lens

CHF 32.45

SEVENTIES Fine prismatic lens

CHF 52.95

SEVENTIES Accessory-Holder - white

CHF 37.85

SEVENTIES Accessory-Holder - silver

CHF 37.85

SEVENTIES Accessory-Holder - black

CHF 37.85

SEVENTIES Shutter - white

CHF 114.60

SEVENTIES Shutter - black

CHF 114.60

SEVENTIES Shutter asymmetric - white

CHF 126.50