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WITTENBERG 4.0 - more than new   · The new generation of the since 15 years successful lighting family is out now. Wittenberg 4.0 fills the already great footprints with an even more compact design, whose filigree housing has been reduced to the technically feasible - of course without visible screws and cables. With almost doubled light output and improved color rendering, the new light head is characterized by its large light exit surface, which is outstandingly glare-free. The special optics with three different radiation characteristics can be exchanged simply by means of suction lifters. If required, a honeycomb grid or a shutter can be used for additional glare control. Thanks to the bayonet, the entire light head can be quickly revised. Patent submitted.


CHF 130.30

wi4-eb-1r-brass (SAMPLE)

CHF 248.40

WI 4.0 Downlight - white

CHF 222.00

wi4-eb-1r-dl-9016 (SAMPLE)

CHF 116.30

WI 4.0 Downlight - black

CHF 222.00

wi4-eb-1r-9005 (SAMPLE)

CHF 221.85

WI 4.0 `Single` round - white

CHF 301.00

wi4-eb-1r-kr-9016 (SAMPLE)

CHF 235.45

WI 4.0 `Single` round - black

CHF 300.50

wi4-ab-1r-7-9016 (SAMPLE)

CHF 301.00

WI 4.0 `Single` round - chrome

CHF 340.00

WI 4.0 `Single` oval - white

CHF 428.00