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COPPER - noble and independent   · This semi-precious metal has been used by mankind for about 10,000 years, a whole epoch was named after Copper before the Bronze Age. Copper definitely does not belong to the "old iron", because it is again popular thanks to its very independent appearance.

BOLOGNA opal-white / white

from CHF 713.45

OSKAR - copper / grey

CHF 221.60 CHF 144.05

BERGAMO crystal-clear / white

from CHF 430.25

EINTOPF brushed copper

CHF 118.40

BERGAMO crystal-clear / black

from CHF 430.25

BERGAMO smokey / black

from CHF 470.25

EINTOPF copper

CHF 87.55

BERGAMO rose-gold gradient / black

from CHF 498.35

BERGAMO opal-white / white

from CHF 429.15

BERGAMO opal-white / black

from CHF 430.25

BOLOGNA opal-white / black

from CHF 713.45

A60 4W 2000-2900K Mirrorhead copper - dimmable

CHF 30.05