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OTHER - than normal   · Who wants to claim to be a "normal guy or girl"? There is a little insanity in every individual. It is therefore perfectly normal to prefer an unusual variant of a product, to put an accent in your life consciously and in the best case also professionally, either through a colored detail or a special materialization. Here we play colorful:

Effect Glass dicroitic (wi) - magenta

CHF 104.00

Effect Glass dicroitic (wi) - green

CHF 104.00

Effect Glass dicroitic (wi) - blue

CHF 104.00

WI 4.0 `druff` shelf light - rad

CHF 673.15

WI 4.0 `parkett` floor light - beige

CHF 794.85

PURE 2 Reading Lamp G2

CHF 608.50

WI 4.0 `druff` shelf light - beige

CHF 673.15

MAGGY Wall Plate

from CHF 15.10

TURN ON - green

CHF 173.40

TURN ON - orange

CHF 173.40

BONBON Shade - Large

CHF 670.00

HAY Cordset (with plug) - black

CHF 37.00