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BRASS - not just a substitute for GOLD   · Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and was used, for example, in the production of jewelery as a substitute for gold; it was called "table brass". Both materials have a yellow-gold tone, which distinguishes them from all other metals. In many circles "golden" is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Recently, brass has been used again and again in contemporary interior design. Our selection of models also shows that you do not have to be rich to bring glamor into your life.


CHF 355.40

BOLOGNA opal-white / white

from CHF 646.20

TEGEL 7 - brass

CHF 524.50

JO - brushed brass

CHF 108.80

JO - shiny brass

CHF 96.95

Globe 95 5W gold

CHF 34.15

LINESTRA 8 - burnished brass

CHF 350.00

OSKAR - brass / grey

CHF 220.80


CHF 259.55

BERGAMO crystal-clear / white

from CHF 389.85

PAULA - Brass/Porcelain (KPM)

CHF 243.40


from CHF 182.00