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WHITE ... nothing goes   · If nothing goes, if no ideas come, the sheet remains white, everything fades into itself, then everything stands still. White is neutral, like the walls, like the snow, like so many things. But never will white be dull or uninspired. A room full of white is an expression of lightness and freedom, which makes the mind rich in ideas, the writer`s block disappears, and in the end everything looks colorful, because white light is, after all, the sum of all coloured lights.

WARNEMÜNDE 33 - white

CHF 200.30

Oval Office 4 - white

from CHF 409.25

Oval Office 3 - white

from CHF 357.55

WI 4.0 `4q` flush - white

from CHF 766.80

wi4-reg-1e-hb - black

CHF 542.80

wi4-reg-1e-hb - white

CHF 542.80


CHF 638.65

WI 4.0 `Triple` flush - white

from CHF 639.75


CHF 607.45


CHF 528.80

WI 4.0 Downlight IP54 - white

from CHF 255.25

BOLOGNA opal-white / white

from CHF 710.80