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Etna Ceiling Lamp

ETNA - a volcano for sure   · It is obvious that nature was the most important inspiration, and a little Vico Magistretti, who designed a smaller volcano from Bakelite for Artemide in the 70`s, which is still available. ETNA comes in various metal surfaces or varnishes, the Edison incandescent lamp seems to flow out of the break-proof steel housing like hot lava.

ETNA Custom

CHF 77.55

ETNA - Porcelain (KPM)

CHF 230.50

ETNA brass

CHF 79.70

ETNA chrome

CHF 79.70

ETNA silverleaf

CHF 206.80

ETNA white

CHF 72.15

ETNA brass rare

CHF 128.00

ETNA goldleaf

CHF 206.80

ETNA black

CHF 72.15

ETNA copper

CHF 79.70