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Linestra Wall Lamp

LINESTRA - the miracle in the tube   · Timeless as it is, the Linestra impresses with its simplicity and economy. For this reason, the original form of the linear light is and remains a classic. In successive production settings of the filament tube, an adequate LED light source is available separately from the LINESTRA 7 (center base) and LINESTRA 8 (end sockets) in all common lengths.

LINESTRA 7 black

from CHF 46.50

LINESTRA 8 - burnished brass

CHF 351.35

LINESTRA 8 - white

from CHF 160.00

LINESTRA 7b - nickel

from CHF 72.45

LINESTRA 8 nickel

from CHF 187.00

LINESTRA 7b - white

from CHF 80.00

LINESTRA 7 chrome

from CHF 65.95

LINESTRA 7b - chrome

from CHF 80.00

LINESTRA 8 chrome

from CHF 187.00

LINESTRA 7 white

from CHF 51.90

LINESTRA 8 copper

from CHF 255.10

LINESTRA 7b - brass

from CHF 94.05