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LED - efficient, flexible, compact and durable   · Gone are the days when LEDs only provided dim light effects. The development is nowadays at a state, which makes it possible to plan complete rooms or even buildings with LEDs. This has led to a large number of short-lived new developments on the lighting market. This change is still in progress, as many existing luminaires had to be completely redesigned around the new light source. When selecting a luminaire, it is therefore important to make sure that the components can be reordered, or to put some replacement LED modules in stock. When selecting our products, we pay attention to the fact that these possibilities are granted.

WI 4.0 Downlight IP54 - black

CHF 243.40

WI 4.0 Downlight IP54 - white

CHF 243.40

WI 4.0 `druff` shelf light - rad

CHF 673.15

WI 4.0 `Single` flush- white

CHF 389.85

WI 4.0 `Single` flush- black

CHF 389.85


CHF 608.50

WI 4.0 `parkett` floor light - beige

CHF 794.85


from CHF 426.50

PURE 2 Reading Lamp G2

CHF 608.50


CHF 474.95


CHF 707.60

WI 4.0 `druff` shelf light - beige

CHF 673.15