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GLASS - or how does the opaque get transparent   · Glass is now a matter of course, but few know how and why glass became what it is. See the link below. Here we focus on the use of glass as a carrier and spreader of light, either in its original form as clear or transparent glass, whereby the light is distributed more or less unfiltered into the room, or as an opal glass, which illuminates the light on its whole surface and then gently and atmospherically spreads it to its environment. Since the characteristic of an incandescent lamp can correspond with a complete luminaire, we also list the most important examples here, matching fixtures to the incandescent lamps can also be found elsewhere.

VESUVIO crystal/weiss

from CHF 379.00

TURN ON - black

CHF 132.00

TURN ON - aluminum

CHF 132.00

TURN ON - green

CHF 132.00

TURN ON - orange

CHF 132.00

Globe 95 dimmable 8W opal

CHF 29.80

Globe 95 dimmable 7W clear

CHF 22.00

Globe 125 10W opal

CHF 28.00

Bulb 8W chrome

CHF 33.05

Bulb 7W matt

CHF 9.15


CHF 67.00

Bulb dimmbale 13W matt

CHF 41.00