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Seventies - back to the future   · Mawa’s new, highly precise, lighting tool. Compact dimensions, no visible connections, rotatable 365° and pivotable 90°, integrated transformer technology, 2300 - 2500lm, 26 watts, CRI>90, 2700K - 4000K, reflectors with an effectiveness of 90°. With this volume light output, mawa sets a new standard for high quality lighting and staging of objects in museums and shops. The heat sink is securely bound to the housing, increasing the available cooling surface, thereby providing optimal mass to surface cooling conditions. Three high performance reflectors (13°, 20°, and 35°) are available for selection. Thanks to a patented mawa technology, these are exchangeable with the help of a glass suction cup.
Optional: Sculpture lens for elliptical light distribution as well as a wall washer lens for lighting large homogenous surfaces. Alternately, an accessory holder can be added for the attachment of anti-glare flaps and honeycomb louvers. Additional light colors and CRI 97 available upon request.

SEVENTIES recessed Spotlight - black

from CHF 390.95

SEVENTIES recessed Spotlight - white

from CHF 299.00


from CHF 630.70

SEVENTIES Downlight - black

from CHF 565.00

SEVENTIES recessed Downlight - white

from CHF 260.00

SEVENTIES Spotlight - black

from CHF 655.55

SEVENTIES Downlight - white

from CHF 565.00

SEVENTIES Ceiling spot - white

from CHF 655.55


from CHF 722.50

SEVENTIES recessed Downlight - black

from CHF 260.00

SEVENTIES Tracklight - black

from CHF 644.00

SEVENTIES Tracklight - white

from CHF 644.00