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BLACK - is Beautiful   · Noble, gloomy, dark, sexy or timeless, these are just some attributes that we associate with this non-color. In any case, black lights fit better into the contemporary interior design than in the past few years. Black supports the architecture and knows how to put itself scene. Which of the attributes above or else will bee seen, is a question of perspective ...

se-33-9005 (SAMPLE No. 13)

from CHF 260.00

PC Table Lamp Small - black

CHF 220.00

TURN ON - black

CHF 132.00

OSKAR - black / orange

CHF 209.00

OSKAR - black / grey

CHF 209.00

SEVENTIES recessed Spotlight - black

from CHF 390.95

TEGEL 7 - black

CHF 432.00

VESUVIO crystal/black

from CHF 379.00


WI 4.0 Downlight - black

CHF 222.00

VESUVIO chrome/black

from CHF 457.00

wi4-eb-1r-9005 (SAMPLE)

CHF 221.85