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BLACK - is Beautiful   · Noble, gloomy, dark, sexy or timeless, these are just some attributes that we associate with this non-color. In any case, black lights fit better into the contemporary interior design than in the past few years. Black supports the architecture and knows how to put itself scene. Which of the attributes above or else will bee seen, is a question of perspective ...

GLASKUGEL LED ø300 - black | opal-glas

from CHF 646.20

WI 4.0 Downlight IP54 - black

CHF 243.40

ts-1200 - black

from CHF 524.50

ts-600 - black

from CHF 378.05

ETNA Custom

CHF 77.55

WI 4.0 `Single` flush- black

CHF 389.85

WI 4.0 `Double` flush - black

CHF 511.60

JO (IP44) - black

CHF 99.10

JO - black

CHF 84.00


CHF 1215.95


from CHF 426.50

PURE 2 Reading Lamp G2

CHF 608.50