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BLACK - is Beautiful   · Noble, gloomy, dark, sexy or timeless, these are just some attributes that we associate with this non-color. In any case, black lights fit better into the contemporary interior design than in the past few years. Black supports the architecture and knows how to put itself scene. Which of the attributes above or else will bee seen, is a question of perspective ...

GLASKUGEL ø300 - black | opal-glas

CHF 710.80

inVISION 45 52W 1211 on-off - white

CHF 841.15


CHF 638.65


CHF 418.95

ONE PLUS 95 On/Off - black

CHF 273.55

* inFINIT 60534.05 casambi

CHF 2510.50

inVISION 46W TW 40x1200 DALI DT8 - black

CHF 1008.05

inVISION 52W 40x1200 DALI - black

CHF 736.65

inVISION 23W TW 40x600 DALI DT8 - black

CHF 618.20

inVISION 26W 40x600 DALI - black

CHF 448.05

inVISION 13W 40x300 DALI - black

CHF 330.65

inVISION 6.5W 40x150 DALI - black

CHF 256.35