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Lighting Tools

Anti-Glare Tools   · In general, it is not only important to carry light to where it is needed, but also to avoid uncontrolled light spreading, not just because of the light pollution. Thus, good glare-protection of a light source substantially improves the visual comfort, thereby protecting the eye, providing a better visual perception, a better concentration in workplaces or also in road traffic. Finally this leads to a better well-being. There are two types of glare:
- direct glare (light source): The direct glare can be prevented with Shutters
- indirect glare (reflexions): The indirect glare kann be reduced or prevented by using Light Shaping Diffusors or Flood Lenses

** OCTO FLUSH metal profile

CHF 12.90

** OCTO FLUSH ceiling access hatch

CHF 58.15

* OCTO Trim mounting ring - black

CHF 49.55

* OCTO Trimless mounting ring

CHF 49.55

** OCTO Soft-Diffusor

CHF 3.25

** OCTO CTO-Filter 1/2

CHF 82.95

** OCTO CTO-Filter 1/4

CHF 82.95

** OCTO Louvre - black

CHF 6.45

SEVENTIES Shutter asymmetric - black

CHF 119.55

* se-re-fl3

* se-re-fl2

* se-re-fl1