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NICKEL - looks almost like STAINLESS STEEL   · Nickel in its pure form is not often used, it serves mainly as a coating metal for corrosion protection ("nickel plating") and as a component of the alloy chrome-nickel steel (CNS), generally better known as stainless steel, or INOX. 

Due to its neutral appearance, usually in combination with brushed surfaces, nickel or stainless steel is very popular in architecture, it is durable and timeless and therefore always a good investment.

Saucer pendant (large)

CHF 902.35

BEELITZ 2 Stainless

CHF 452.95 CHF 226.45

LINESTRA 7b - nickel

from CHF 72.45

Saucer pendant (medium)

CHF 683.55

Saucer pendant (small)

CHF 584.15

Ball pendant (large)

CHF 902.35

LINESTRA 8 nickel

from CHF 187.00

EDISON P nickel brushed-red

CHF 152.15 CHF 76.10

Ball pendant (medium)

CHF 683.55

EINTOPF brushed nickel

CHF 87.55

Ball pendant (small)

CHF 584.15

Cigar pendant (medium)

CHF 683.55