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OVAL OFFICE - very close  · What started a few years ago as a specific production for a bank branch in the "Wasserschloss" of Switzerland, and later found its continuation in a kindergarten in Basel-Land, has now turned into a complete luminaire series for private, commercial, public and educational buildings as well as work spaces. 
Whether on the wall, the ceiling or as a pendant luminaire, there is always a choice of 3 finishes, 2 light colours and dimming modes, best colour rendering included.
And as always, this luminaire series from Mawa can also be customised.

Oval Office 5 - grey metallic

from CHF 938.30

Oval Office 5 - bronze

CHF 994.50

Oval Office 5 - white

from CHF 938.30

Oval Office 6 - bronze

from CHF 810.75

Oval Office 6 - white

from CHF 810.75

Oval Office 6 -grey metallic

CHF 771.85