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Mawa-Design Lighting Tools
New anti-glare tools - In general, it is not only important to carry light to where it is needed, but also to avoid uncontrolled light spreading, not just because of the light pollution. 

Thus, good glare-protection of a light source substantially improves the visual comfort, thereby protecting the eye, providing a better visual perception, a better concentration in workplaces or also in road traffic. Finally this leads to a better well-being. 

A good and professional lighting design therefore also includes glare-control. The 3 spotlight families SEVENTIES, FBL and WITTENBERG 4.0 have now received professional anti-glare tools. There are two types of glare:

- direct glare (light source): The direct glare can be prevented with Shutters

- indirect glare (reflexions): The indirect glare kann be reduced or prevented by using Light Shaping Diffusors or Flood Lenses

Finally: Due to good glare-controlling the objects, which shall be illuminated, will be better visible, so they can be spotlighted with less power, therefore you can easily save energy directly through lower "light consumption".

WITTENBERG 4.0 - planning data
SEVENTIES - planning data