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RETROFIT - Old Wine In New Bottles?

The term retrofit is used in various branches to optimize existing plants and is not new. Only in recent years, however, has retrofit become the epitome of progress in the lighting industry, especially with regard to good old incandescent lamps. In principle, the unspeakable energy-saving lamps were also retrofit products, but their aesthetics were not worthy of mention. Fortunately, these have disappeared again, but what is the situation with LED lamps?

Well, for a long time the topic was a playground for creative engineers, a competition for the mechanisation of light, promoted by the EU`s ban on incandescent lamps. All kinds of oblique and ludicrous things have come out of the former incandescent lamp with a base, a gas-filled bulb with a small wire inside, and in the course of the development a construct was created consisting of a socket, electronic board, base, inner conductive structure, collectors, heat sinks, LED boards, diffusers, outer shells and end caps. Imagine all the tools needed to make such a lamp...

Fortunately, however, the wheel turns backwards again and again, which brings us back to the current state of LED filament technology, which allows us to return to the familiar incandescent lamp shapes and effects. Thus, the transformation from filament to semiconductor has reached a level that satisfies us human beings, we can celebrate the good old incandescent lamp in its present form again and combine it with products that are also suitable for this purpose.

We pay tribute to this gratifying development in the product section Retrofit, which we regard as a technology-free zone with a small wink.