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Linear Tube Filament

LINESTRA - as always   · Who has ever been to Berlin in the Admiral`s Palace, has seen it, the endless line-up of the old Linestra tubes in clear glass, which illuminate the room as if by hanging filaments. They are back for real, the filaments, and even more beautiful than before. Segula as a leading innovator in filament lamp-technology has created the perfect match to the Linestra metal sockets by Mawa-Design. A corded and continuous light-line beams in genuine candlelight quality behind the noble clear glass tube and provides a moody light, which is unreached.

Linear Lamp 12W clear (end base)

CHF 67.00

Linear Lamp 12W clear (central base)

CHF 60.55

Linear Lamp 8W clear (center base)

CHF 44.75